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Sora - Sunset by SoraPaopu
Sora - rely on me by SoraPaopu
Hanayo - Break by SoraPaopu
Elizabeth - Harm by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts - Childhood
Poor Riku by Itakoo
I'm Riku by Itakoo
Together by Itakoo
sweet laughter by Itakoo
Kingdom Hearts
Riku - Gonna save both by Zack-Fair-7
Riku - unbeatable by Zack-Fair-7
Sora - so close by SoraPaopu
Kairi- Dancing in the fields by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts II
Sora - Ready for ya by SoraPaopu
Sora - Lil Hero by SoraPaopu
Sora - Reaching by SoraPaopu
Sora - ready by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts - Atlantica
Riku - Stranded by Zack-Fair-7
Kingdom Hearts - Halloween Town
Sora - trick or treat by SoraPaopu
Tree by Itakoo
Please by Itakoo
Riku - Stolen Kiss by Zack-Fair-7
Kingdom Hearts II - Schooluniform
Break by Itakoo
Sora - Yeah school is over by SoraPaopu
Sora - Break by SoraPaopu
Shiny Kairi by Itakoo
Kingdom Hearts II - Timeless River
Three by Itakoo
Team Keyblade by Itakoo
Riku? xD by Itakoo
Sora - Green by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts II - Valor Drive Form
Aninite 11 by Itakoo
Sora - Valor Team by SoraPaopu
Sora - Yeah by SoraPaopu
Riku - Watching the skys by Zack-Fair-7
Kingdom Hearts II - Other versions
Sora - Surprised by SoraPaopu
Sora - Christmas Chilling by SoraPaopu
Sora - Christmas Tree by SoraPaopu
Snowman Donald and Reindeer Goofy by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts - Other characters
Sexy back by Itakoo
Yuffie - From above by SoraPaopu
Picture without title II by Itakoo
Yuffie - Over there by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts II - Other characters
Hand in Hand by Itakoo
Rikku and Yuna together by Itakoo
Fairy time by Itakoo
Namine again by Itakoo
Kingdom Hearts - Birth by Sleep
Aqua - The three of us by SoraPaopu
Terra - We all are just kids by Zack-Fair-7
Terra - Big Group by Zack-Fair-7
Aqua - Together by SoraPaopu
Kingdom Hearts - 258-2 Days
Sundown by Itakoo
Roxas and Xion 2 by Itakoo
Roxas and Xion-Kiss by Itakoo
Sea salt ice cream by Itakoo
Kingdom Hearts - Dream Drop Distance
Sora - Friends by SoraPaopu
Sora - Take my hand by SoraPaopu
Everything okay Riku? by Itakoo
Sora - Meow Wow by SoraPaopu
Final Fantasy VII - Before Crisis
Yuffie - Smiling Yuffie by SoraPaopu
Yuffie - What animals like... by SoraPaopu
Yuffie - Im a soldier by SoraPaopu
Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core
Zack - Gonna save ya by Zack-Fair-7
Cloud - Cuddle Time by SoraPaopu
Zack - Save the girl by Zack-Fair-7
Zack - Mary Poppins Style by Zack-Fair-7
Final Fantasy VII
Aerith - Thinking of you by SoraPaopu
Aerith - FFVII ladies by SoraPaopu
Aerith - Attracting Yuffie by SoraPaopu
Aerith - Need healing by SoraPaopu
Final Fantasy XIII
Fang - The two of us by SoraPaopu
Fang - Nothin' On You by SoraPaopu
Fang - Just the way you are by SoraPaopu
Fang - Ready for the mission by SoraPaopu
Final Fantasy - Other parts
Lenne - Suspended on silver wings by SoraPaopu
Yuna - Zanarkand Ruins by SoraPaopu
Yuna - Luca by SoraPaopu
Yuna - Green Fields by SoraPaopu
Subarashiki Kono Sekai
SKS-Titleless by Itakoo
SKS - Look up by Itakoo
Shiki and Neku by Itakoo
Neku - Cant beat us by SoraPaopu
Resident Evil
Solve a riddle by Itakoo
Close by Itakoo
Be prepared by Itakoo
Over the fence by Itakoo
Yorda - Just you and me by SoraPaopu
ICO - hoping for freedom by SoraPaopu
Yorda - We go together Yorda by SoraPaopu
Yorda - You are my hero by SoraPaopu
Digimon - Team by SoraPaopu
Digimon - What does it mean by SoraPaopu
Digimon - We can be heros by SoraPaopu
Digimon - Playground by SoraPaopu
One Piece
Show me what you've got by Itakoo
Ace - Siblings by Zack-Fair-7
Ace - Reach by Zack-Fair-7
Ace - Guard by Zack-Fair-7
All other costumes
TinkerBell - Looking for lost things by SoraPaopu
Cancer - Water Spirit by SoraPaopu
TinkerBell - Dont mess with me by SoraPaopu
Love Live - Yearbook by SoraPaopu
W.I.P. - Rebecca Chambers - protection vest by Itakoo
Your art for us
colors of our universe by Natsuno-Yuuki
Meteor shower by Weaseless
Cosplay REVENGE by SnowAngelRika
...Gonna save both by redsheis
Your Game drawings
Merry Christmas! by FallenRichardBrook
SoKai - Feelings No Longer Hidden by kngdmhrts2
ByndoGehk - Jecht by kngdmhrts2
Enjoy the Seasalt-icecream! by FallenRichardBrook
Your Anime drawings
Kingdom Knight by FallenRichardBrook
Micia Halloweentown by FallenRichardBrook
Syaoran, Sakura and Mokona by kngdmhrts2
Dark Magician Girl by kngdmhrts2
Your Kingdom Hearts cosplays
Pence and Roxas (KH2): Just Chillin' by kngdmhrts2
meaningless  - Terra and Ventus (KH-BBS) by Natsuno-Yuuki
Pence - Enjoying my Ice Cream by kngdmhrts2
Axel sleeping - Kingdom Hearts by Natsuno-Yuuki
Your Final Fantasy cosplays
Makenshi - the white cloud by YumeNamid
whimsically smile - Kuja - FFIX by Natsuno-Yuuki
reflection - Zack Fair (FFVII-CC) by Natsuno-Yuuki
Kuja - dreams come true by Natsuno-Yuuki
Your Game cosplays
let's dance - The IDOLM@STER by Natsuno-Yuuki
Brillant Stage - Makoto Kikuchi (The IDOLM@STER) by Natsuno-Yuuki
beautiful flowers - IKKI by Natsuno-Yuuki
temperance - Luca - Arcana Famiglia by Natsuno-Yuuki
Your Anime cosplays
Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill by Natsuno-Yuuki
Ryuko Matoi - Kill La Kill by Natsuno-Yuuki
Berthierite (Sailor Moon) by Natsuno-Yuuki
Fay D. Flourite (Tsubasa RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE) by Natsuno-Yuuki
Your other cosplays
happy 3th advend -  Shego Go by Natsuno-Yuuki
fighting for myself by Natsuno-Yuuki
drifting memories by Natsuno-Yuuki
feel the power of EDEN - Toki Fujiwara by Natsuno-Yuuki
:iconsorapaopu: It´s been a while ^_^ RL keeps us busy, but we are workig on so much old and new projects. We hope we can show you soon more! *o*

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n e x t

C o s p l a y:

Who:  Tauriel
From:  The Hobbit
When:  April 2014
Progress: ???%

Who:  Final Drive Sora
From:  Kingdom Hearts 2
When:  April 2014
Progress:  45%

Who:  Final Drive Riku
From:  Kingdom Hearts 2
When:  April 2014
Progress:  99%

l a t e s t   p i c t u r e s

T h i s  t i m e:

Epic wind by Itakoo   Merry Christmas!!! by SoraPaopu   Merry Christmas! by Zack-Fair-7   Kili - chilling by Itakoo   Sora -  Fear me by SoraPaopu   Riku - Stolen Kiss by Zack-Fair-7

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:iconsorapaopu:    :iconzack-fair-7:    :iconitakoo:
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Group Info

This is a fanpage for SoraPaopu, Zack-Fair-7 and Itakoo
We are a Cosplaygroup from Austria who makes costumes from many diffrent genres:

Gamecosplays like Kingdom Hearts; Final Fantasy; The World Ends With You; Resident Evil; ...
Anime/Mangacospays like One Piece, Digimon, ...

We would like to show you our self-made work and invite you to join this club,
so have fun, enjoy and let's be happy   //(◕ ‿‿ ◕)\\ !!
Founded 4 Years ago
Apr 13, 2012


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Fan Club

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